So, when I think of bohemian what comes to mind first is nature. I think of bare feet and unkempt hair, children playing in mud, drum circles and bon fires. To me, “bohemian charm” is capturing the beauty of earthy elements surrounding my clients like, shadows from the tree branches on a baby bump, snowflakes falling in their hair, or catching a sun flare in a backlit scene. Sometimes I think that we as a society can easily forget that things don’t necessarily need to be perfectly groomed, perfectly posed, or perfectly contoured to be beautiful. One of my aspirations with my work is to promote REALNESS, authenticity, and the beauty of just existing as you are with those you cherish. 
If an outdoor shoot doesn’t sound appealing to you, that’s okay! While outdoor photography is my passion, I love to challenge myself and aim to help bring your vision to life indoors as well. (One of my favorite places to shoot is the library!) 
Thank you!
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